It's not that you can't do it yourself, it's that you have the "CHOICE" not to. Available whenever and wherever you need us. We will never ask you why. There is nothing we aren’t willing to find out how to get done for you. JUST ASK!


Is your plate full or do you have that one thing you just don't feel like dealing with? Then let us do it for you. Our goal is to make your life more convenient. Whatever lets you kick back and relax, lay it on us.

Services that we highly recommend at this time:

Shopping Services

Pick Up Groceries, Supplies, Run Errands, Drop Off Packages, Delivery from Restaurants and More

Full Car Detailing

Including interior, exterior cleaning, anti-bacterial disinfectant and pick up / drop off of your vehicle.

Pick up/ Drop Off Vehicle For Servicing

Winter to Summer Tires, Oil Change, or fixing the noise from the last pothole you hit. We can look after it through Choice Automotive or schedule it at your preferred dealer.

So this might sound like a weird question...but can you?

We get asked that question a lot and our answer is always, YES, NO PROBLEM!

Are you able to deliver some documents from my office for me?

We're short staffed for a large event, can you send some people to do coat check?

I'm busy with work, if I send you the list, can you do my Christmas shopping?

I left my car in Toronto, can you grab it and bring it back to Ottawa?

Can you drive one of our guys around the city to take photos this week?

I'm having a bunch of furniture delivered tomorrow, can you send someone to wait for it to arrive?

We're out of town, can you set the DVR to record the game?

Can you help deliver some catering orders for me?

I left my my suit at home, can you send someone to grab it?

I'm going to be out of town for a few days, can you stay over and watch the kids?

I'm flying in on Saturday, can you grab groceries and leave my car at the airport?

I just bought a new car, can you pick it up in Montreal for me?

I have a few pieces of art waiting for me just over the border, can you pick them up?

Can you drive me to the airport then have my car detailed and dropped at home?

There's going to be a large order of food I need delivered for a party, can you take care of that?

Can you pick up and deliver a car from Vancouver to Ottawa for me?

A family friend just passed, can you pick up an order from the bakery and deliver it to them?

My daughter is moving from Kingston, can you send someone and a van to help out?

How would you feel about giving my son driving lessons?

My car is in the shop, do you have one I can borrow for a couple weeks?

Can you send someone to wait in line so I can purchase a few lots up for sale?

I want to get rid of my car, can you handle selling it for me?

I need to fire someone tomorrow, can you have someone waiting to take them home?

We're having a birthday party tomorrow, do you have someone who can pick up the cake?

I need a limo, stocked with champagne?

Can you grab my kids from school tomorrow?

Are you able to drive me to Montreal?

Can you take my computer to be repaired?

Can you send an order of flowers to my Wife?

The Driver

Pick up/ drop off in a sedan or suv in Ottawa and surrounding region or to multiple destinations.

The Traveller

Transportations to/ from Ottawa to the city of your choice (ie; pick up/ drop off from Montreal airport).

The Chauffeur

A hourly personal chauffeur drive you wherever you need to go, all your destinations and back home again, in the comfort of your own car.

The Cleaner

Exterior, interior & full car detailing with pick up and drop off of your vehicle.

The Transporter

Delivery of anything, from A to B, local or out of city (package, furniture, food or whatever you can think of).

The Assistant

Wash & fold laundry, shopping, appointment waiting (cable/ internet, furniture delivery), AIRBNB, flights, cleaning service, pet or even child care.

Not sure if we can look after what you need? JUST ASK! We will say yes.

For the best possible service we recommend providing a minimum of 24 hours notice for all requests. For ease of use and the most savings, consider opening an account.



A team of drivers to get you and your car home safely.


Get a quote for a drive home for you and your car.


Make a reservation for a drive home for you and your car.


It's time to start saying,"Put it on my account" today.


On site at your event to get all your guests home safely.


Get your car from A to B without having to ride with it.


Driving your kids to/ from school and after school activities.

LIMOS & Shuttles

We can look after all your transportation needs for groups of any size.


Special events, venues, short / long term projects. Leave the parking to us.


Service, repairs, maintenance, parts & car storage!


Access to our collection of luxury vehicles available to rent.


Access to shuttle, car detailing, hourly chauffeur, delivery services and more.


Transportation to/ from the airport in Ottawa, Montreal or....

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