Partner with Responsible Choice

Enhance the safety and satisfaction of your patrons — Discover the Benefits!

For over 19 years, we have been a cornerstone in Ottawa’s dining and nightlife scene, offering a discreet personal chauffeur service that ensures patrons get home safely.

Our team works to reduce the instances of drinking and driving in the region, 365 days a year, by driving clients and their cars home at the end of the evening so they have the choice to relax and have a great night out!

Benefits to Your Establishment

Safety First: Combat the recent rise in drinking and driving incidents in our community by encouraging patrons to make the Responsible Choice and providing a transportation alternative.

Boost Your Sales: Customers relax, indulge, stay longer and spend more when they know they have a secure ride home for themselves and their car.

Mitigate Liability: Go above and beyond your due diligence to actively contribute to a safer community while reducing potential risks and liabilities associated with overindulgence at your establishment.

Cultivate Trust: Aligning with Responsible Choice reflects your commitment to your patrons’ well-being beyond the dining experience, enhancing their trust in your establishment and fostering lasting loyalty.

Hassle-Free Booking

When someone decides to go with us, they’re in for a hassle-free experience. They give us a heads-up they might need a ride. They head out, have a blast, and live it up. When they’re ready to roll, they give us a shout. Flexibility is key. Changes are easy, and there are no fees if plans change. Didn’t reserve ahead? Last-minute requests are no problem!

How it Works

Working in teams of two, a personal chauffeur drives a customer home in their car while the other follows to pick them back up again. Book a ride by calling 613-248-0444, grab a quote at, or make a reservation at

We only need the customer’s name, contact information, pickup and drop-off locations, car details (including transmission auto vs. std), and a payment method. Responsible Choice is available 365 days a year, from 6:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Dedicated Services for Group Bookings and Events

Partner with Responsible Choice to make every group reservation or party booking an event to remember with dedicated on-site transportation solutions.

Our professional team will take the wheel to provide seamless transportation for your special occasions, tailored to fit your event’s unique needs.

Dedicated On-Site Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs will be on standby, providing personalized service to drive guests and their cars home safely.

Valet & Parking Management

Eliminate parking limitations and enhance the sophistication of your event with our valet parking, ensuring every guest feels taken care of from the moment they arrive.

Luxury Shuttle Services

Door-to-door transportation from your guests’ homes to the establishment and back. Ideal for those looking for an extra touch of comfort and convenience.

Seamless Integration with Your Business

Promotional Visibility

  • Display our business cards and posters prominently.
  • Explore our full suite of tastefully designed promotional materials.

Staff Engagement

  • Educate your team and empower them to direct patrons to RC.
  • Encourage them to mention our services when patrons reserve.

Guest Experience

  • Suggest patrons make a reservation with us at the start of their evening for peace of mind as they enjoy their visit.

Marketing Synergy

  • Take advantage of co-branded marketing opportunities.
  • Participate in mutual promotions or provide exclusive discounts for your team and patrons.

Make Responsible Choice the Transportation Standard at Your Establishment!