If you’re a night owl, like meeting new people or love cars and driving, then consider joining the fun and energetic team at Responsible Choice.

Perfect for students and those working full or part time who are looking for a flexible way to make extra income. Work around your own schedule! You work as little or as much as you want by choosing when or even if you want to work on a weekly basis. You are a subcontracted driver, paid for the services you provide.

Available Opportunities

Love Local Delivery Drivers

Provide food delivery services for a network of local restaurants. Services provided daily, primarily between 4:00pm- 8:00pm.

Designated Drivers, Chase Car Drivers & Personal Chauffeurs

Working mainly at night, 6:00pm/ 9:00pm- 2:30am/ 3:30am, help drive clients home safely from the comfort of their own vehicles after a night out as a primary driver or work as the chase car driver, in your own vehicle, following the primary driver as they drive clients’ vehicles home to pick them back up again.

Provide pre-booked sedan/ suv transportation for clients (such as to or from the airport or special events).

Drive clients’ vehicles without them, from A to B (such as to or from a dealership for service).

Through the Choice Concierge we also have work available providing Out of city transportation, personal shopping/ delivery services, hourly chauffeur bookings, hourly appointment waiting and more.

Provide Kids Transportation

Provide transportation to or from school and after school activities for kids/ teenagers. Primarily during the week in mornings and afternoons.

Provide Special Event Services

Pre-Booked, onsite transportation services for special events (weddings, golf tournaments, fundraisers). Teams of primary/ secondary drivers driving guests & their vehicles home.

Sedan/ suv shuttle service to get guests to or from the event.

You can also work as a valet attendant, providing valet or parking management services for special events.

Dispatchers Wanted!

Book services for clients, coordinate drivers providing these services and submit reports.


Minimum 18 years of age
Access to your own vehicle
A smartphone able to send/ receive texts & emails
‘G’ Class License (or equivalent G2 acceptable for secondary drivers)
Clean criminal record
Clean driving record (1 or 2 minor offences will not exclude you)

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