Personal Shopping & Delivery services from only $25.00!

Just let us know what you want and when you want it to arrive. COVID-19 has affected us all. We can help you stay home, stay safe and limit your exposure with shopping & delivery services tailored to your needs.

Convenient, Hassle Free, Pre-Booked Delivery Services


Get a personal delivery concierge, dedicated to bringing you what you need. Our 100+ team of drivers is just ready and waiting!

Let us know what you need

12- 24 hrs notice is recommended

Pick a window of time

That’s when your delivery will arrive

We do all the shopping

Pick up what you need and deliver it

You pay for the time it takes

+ the cost of items purchased

Pick Up Groceries

Give us your list, we take care of the shopping and deliver everything to your door.

Pick Up Takeout

From your morning coffee & bagel run to dinner from your favorite restaurant.


It’s not that you can’t do it yourself, it’s that you have the “CHOICE” not to!

Pick Up Alcohol/ Cannabis

A bottle of wine, case of beer or cannabis...what do you need us to bring you?

Pick Up Anything

We will pick up anything you need us to, large or small and get it where it needs to go.

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How Does it Work

Billed for the time it takes, starting from $25.00

$25.00/ hour. Minimum 1 hour billed for all deliveries. Additional time billed in 30 minute increments.
When do we start billing? From the time we arrive to pick up or shop for your order until we drop it off to you.
Does not include the cost of items purchased. Additional costs for fuel may apply for significant distances.
Price will vary for larger orders or delivery to regions outside of the Ottawa Area.
5% Service charge applies to cost of products purchased.

Pre-book a delivery time slot

Select a 1 hour window of time in which you would like to receive your delivery. We recommend 12- 24 hours notice for all service requests.

Driver will stop wherever you need them to

Our driver will make as many stops as you need. They are able to spin through the drive-thru, pick up orders you have placed in advance or do the shopping at the store for you.

We will deliver to anywhere you need us to

No limit on distance. We will deliver your order wherever you need it. Even on the Quebec side.

Contactless delivery available

You decide how your comfortable receiving your delivery and let us know. We will follow your instructions.

We put safety first

We ensure that our drivers are following all Public Health Agency of Canada recommendations and guidelines. Staying on top of them to report any symptoms or exposure and advise those who do to self-isolate as recommended. Our drivers also frequently wash their hands and clean/ disinfect the vehicles they use. We recommend you wash your hands after receiving your food order and before you eat it!