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Join a curated network of THIS CITY’s best independent locally owned and operated restaurants offering responsible delivery, by a trusted local company.

Currently, consumers contact restaurants directly to place their food delivery orders. Within weeks LLD will launch its own hyper-local marketplace app to make supporting local restaurants and food businesses a seamless experience for all. LLD aims to become a local restaurant coalition providing the most cost-effective and sustainable delivery solution for Ottawa’s independent restaurants and food businesses.

  • Better quality control
  • Cooperative marketing and promotion
  • Group perks

“Ola is proud to be part of this initiative that is growing by the day. It’s a win-win for everyone. We are helping those in need, while we stay strong in order to be sustainable in this uncertain time, plus we get to wear a “stay the fork home T-shirt! How cool is that??”

Chef Donna Chevrier, owner of Ola Cocinawho has been participating since the service rolled out at the end of March

“Having the ability to provide delivery while being sustainable for all parties involved, restaurants, drivers, clients and support services, without the enormous price tag the big apps take- is the most important thing right now, We are all learning to adapt and pivot to our new reality and being able to offer a safe, contactless delivery is going to be vital for restaurants for the foreseeable future, so doing it with the whole ecosystem and safety in mind is why we started LLD.”

Harriet Clunie, Executive Chef at Das Lokalone of the founding members of LLD

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